Painted Wolf

Painted Wolves live and hunt in packs, and Painted Wolf Wines prides itself on running its business in a very similar way, extending the pack metaphor by calling the various vineyards supplying their grapes, their ‘pack’.

This is how Jeremy and Emma Borg first met Ros Koch; when she was farming wine grapes at Southern Cross Farm in Simondium, near Paarl. Having invited her on board as a pack member, they asked her to reserve a single block of grapes for a special wine – an honour they extend to every member of their pack. What made this wine even more special is the fact that Ros, an artist, was also invited to make the artwork for the label – depicting an image of a wild dog for this specific wine.

Of course, Ros jumped at the chance! African Wild Dogs are incredibly beautiful animals, with a huge amount of variation in their colouring and markings, with each dog’s colouring being as distinctive as a fingerprint. From a selection of artworks, Jeremy chose her drawing of a cute little African Wild Pup… as it matched the light-hearted “frolic of a wine”* said Jeremy (nothing to do with the youthful, inexperienced, mischievous and messy nature of the artist, of course!)

More than a decade on, their friendship has grown, and a partnership has developed that reflects the very nature of the African Wild Dog that brought them together. Ros has created artwork for Jeremy and Emma’s fundraising efforts for African Wild Dog conservation; Jeremy and Emma have kindly sponsored wines when Ros exhibited her art. And now, as Jeremy and Emma set up their brand new Wine & Tasting Room at the Simondium Guild, it’s as if they have come full circle, by inviting Ros to be one of the inaugural artists exhibiting in this special place close to where she once farmed grapes for the Pack. (As we all know, Painted Wolves are extremely loyal to both their species and their habitat).

An encounter with a pack of wild dog in the wild is one of the most special experiences you can have in the African bush; but a friendship with a Painted Wolf Wine Pack member is even more special – it’s a friendship for life.

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